2D Skip (also known as 2D Shortcut) is a movement optimization in the Moon Kingdom. The trick is performed by strategically not destroying certain blocks with Bowser's fire breath to skip a small section of platforming. This trick saves about two seconds when executed properly.

2D Skip was one of the first speedrun strategies discovered in Super Mario Odyssey. While the trick is relatively easy by modern standards, it caused a significant number of lost runs when it was first discovered. This was likely due to a combination of general inexperience with Super Mario Odyssey speedrunning, combined with the trick taking place at the very end of the run. It is still not uncommon for this trick to be failed simply due to nervousness.

This trick has gained notoriety for being much more difficult than it actually is. This is partially due to inexperience with the trick itself, but also because of clips of runners failing the trick gaining lots of attention on sites like Reddit.[1]


2D Skip is performed in the 2D section of the Bowser escape sequence in the Moon Kingdom. It is performed almost immediately upon entering the 2D section. To perform 2D Skip:

  • Break the bottom of the two stacked blocks.
  • Jump across the gap onto the block to the right. Do not break the floating block.
  • Jump back across the gap and land on the floating block.
  • Position yourself on the edge of the floating block.
  • Jump up, hold slightly forwards until no longer beneath the overhang, then immediately drift backwards.
  • Continue onwards in the escape sequence.

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