Any% Minimum Captures is a speedrun category on the Category Extensions leaderboard for Super Mario Odyssey. As the name implies, the primary goal of this category is to complete the game while capturing as few objects or enemies as possible.

Under normal circumstances, the game can be completed in a minimum of 14 captures. This can be reduced by one if the game is played on version 1.1.0 or earlier, using the nut jumping exploit, and/or reduced by three if two-player mode is permitted, using Madame Broode Skip. Therefore, the absolute minimum number of captures required to beat the game (to the extent of the community's knowledge) is 10.

On the speedrunning leaderboard, there are four subcategories of Any% Minimum Captures, depending on whether the use of nut jumping or two-player mode (and thus Madame Broode Skip) are permitted. These categories are labeled 10 Captures, 11 Captures, 13 Captures and 14 Captures. The most active and beginner-friendly of these subcategories is 14 Captures, since Madame Broode Skip and nut jumping are both considered to be extremely difficult tricks.

This category is widely known due to streamer Smallant1, who is one of the most prominent runners for the category and holds many of the top times across the various subcategories.

Route Edit

The route for Minimum Captures varies between versions and capture amount.

14 Captures (1.3) route Edit

Minimum Captures Best Theoretical Time Document Edit

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