Bowser's Kingdom is the twelfth kingdom in the game. There are 62 moons in Bowser's Kingdom, as follows:

  1. Infiltrate Bowser’s Castle
  2. Smart Bombing
  3. Big Broodal Battle
  4. Showdown at Bowser’s Castle
  5. Behind the Big Wall
  6. Treasure Inside the Turret
  7. From the Side above the Castle Gate
  8. Sunken Treasure in the Moat
  9. Past the Moving Wall
  10. Above the Poison Swamp
  11. Knocking Down the Nice Frame
  12. Caught on the Iron Fence
  13. On the Giant Bowser Statue’s Nose
  14. Inside a Block in the Castle
  15. Caught Hopping at Bowser’s Castle!
  16. Exterminate the Ogres!
  17. Bowser’s Kingdom Timer Challenge 1
  18. Taking notes: Between spinies
  19. Stack up above the wall
  20. Hidden Corridor Under the Floor
  21. Poking Your Nose in the Plaster Wall
  22. Poking the Turret Wall
  23. Poking Your Nose by the Great Gate
  24. Jizo All in a Row
  25. Underground Jizo
  26. Found Behind Bars!
  27. Fishing(?) in Bowser’s Castle
  28. Good to See You, Captain Toad!
  29. Shopping at Bowser’s Castle
  30. Bowser’s Castle Treasure Vault
  31. Scene of Crossing the Poison Swamp
  32. Taking Notes: In the Folding Screen
  33. On Top of the Spinning Tower
  34. Down and Up the Spinning Tower
  35. Jizo’s Big Adventure
  36. Jizo and the Hidden Room
  37. Dashing Above the Clouds
  38. Dashing Through the Clouds
  39. Sphynx Over Bowser’s Castle
  40. I Met a Pokio!
  41. Bowser’s Kingdom Regular Cup
  42. A Rumble Under the Arena Floor
  43. Secret Path to Bowser’s Castle
  44. Peach in Bowser’s Kingdom
  45. Found with Bowser’s Kingdom Art
  46. Behind the Tall Wall: Poke, Poke!
  47. From Crates in the Moat
  48. Caught on the Giant Horn
  49. Inside a Block at the Gate
  50. Small Bird in Bowser’s Castle
  51. Invader in Bowser’s Castle
  52. Jumping from Flag to Flag
  53. Bowser’s Kingdom Timer Challenge 2
  54. Taking Notes: On the Wall
  55. Taking Notes with a Spinning Throw
  56. Third Courtyard Outskirts
  57. Stone Wall Circuit
  58. Bowser’s Kingdom Master Cup
  59. Searching Hexagon Tower
  60. Center of Hexagon Tower
  61. Climb the Wooden Tower
  62. Poke the Wooden Tower
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