The Cap Kingdom is the first kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. Mario arrives in the Cap Kingdom following his defeat by Bowser aboard Bowser's airship in the opening cutscene, and must reach the top of Top-Hat Tower and defeat Topper in order to travel by spark pylon to the Cascade Kingdom.

Regional Exclusives Edit

Regional coins (purple coins) are shaped like top hats. Checkpoint flags in Cap Kingdom have a golden-colored spire. Inhabitants of Cap Kingdom are called Bonneters.

Moons Edit

There are 31 Power Moons in the Cap Kingdom. 17 are listed from the start, with an additional 14 becoming available after breaking the Moon Rock. There are no Story Moons or Multi Moons in Cap Kingdom

# Name Class
1 Frog-Jumping Above the Fog Standard
2 Frog-Jumping from the Top Deck Standard
3 Cap Kingdom Timer Challenge 1 Standard
4 Good Evening, Captain Toad! Standard
5 Shopping in Bonneton Stackable
6 Skimming the Poison Tide Standard
7 Slipping Through the Poison Tide Standard
8 Push-Block Peril Standard
9 Hidden Among the Push-Blocks Standard
10 Searching the Frog Pond Standard
11 Secrets of the Frog Pond Standard
12 The Forgotten Treasure Standard
13 Taxi Flying Through Bonneton Standard
14 Bonneter Blockade Standard
15 Cap Kingdom Regular Cup Standard
16 Peach in the Cap Kingdom Standard
17 Found with Cap Kingdom Art Standard
18 Next to Glasses Bridge Moon Rock
19 Danger Sign Moon Rock
20 Under the Big One's Brim Moon Rock
21 Fly to the Edge of the Fog Moon Rock
22 Spin the Hat, Get a Prize Moon Rock
23 Hidden in a Sunken Hat Moon Rock
24 Fog-Shrouded Platform Moon Rock
25 Bird Traveling in the Fog Moon Rock
26 Caught Hopping Near the Ship! Moon Rock
27 Taking Notes: In the Fog Moon Rock
28 Cap Kingdom Timer Challenge 2 Moon Rock
29 Cap Kingdom Master Cup Moon Rock
30 Roll On and On Moon Rock
31 Precision Rolling Moon Rock
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