INFINITE HEIGHT GLITCH?!! - Super Mario Odyssey

INFINITE HEIGHT GLITCH?!! - Super Mario Odyssey

Chargin' Chuck hovering is a glitch that allows the player to gain infinite height with the use of two-player mode and two Chargin' Chucks. This glitch takes place in the Underground Moon Caverns in the Moon Kingdom, and was first discovered by glitch hunter syrkl[1].

Execution Edit

To perform Chargin' Chuck hovering:

  • Ensure the game is in two-player mode
  • Bring two Chargin' Chucks very close to each other so that there is little room between them
  • Adjust the Chargin' Chucks so that they face each other
  • Capture one of the two Chargin' Chucks
  • Repeatedly shake the controller that is assigned to Cappy

If done correctly, Cappy will capture the other Chargin' Chuck and then capture the original again. Every time a Chargin' Chuck is uncaptured, it gains a slight amount of height, meaning that after many consecutive iterations of the trick, the player can gain a large amount of height.

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