Please visit Moon Clip for more explanation on that method of clipping.

Chest Clip (as its sometimes referred to) is a difficult moon clip in cascade kingdom used to either get Out of Bounds (OoB) or to get to the Odyssey without having to jump up the overhang.

Reproduction Steps Edit

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Usage in runs Edit

Any% Edit

The chest clip has been found to save time in Any% as an alternative for getting the moon on the High Cliff. However, due to the small timesave it offers and the difficultly of the clip, it is only commonly done by high level runners.

Minimum Captures Edit

Minimum Captures (11 or lower) utilizes a trick that is intended to skip the Madame Broodal boss fight. Most of the route is done OoB, and chest clip allows you to clip OoB while also obtaining one of the moons in the route. Missing it can lose quite a lot of time due to the next available clip position being the Surface Clip on the cascade shore.

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