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The Deep Woods is a sub-world within the Wooded Kingdom that can be accessed by falling off the edge of the level in several locations. Containing nine Power Moons and nine regional coins, the Deep Woods is one of the most expansive sub-worlds in the game.


Since there is no in-game map depicting the layout of the Deep Woods, an external map is sometimes useful for navigation. This map created by Supper Mario Broth[1] shows the approximate layout of the area, as well as the locations of various items:

Deep Woods Map by Supper Mario Broth.jpg

Entrances and exits[]


There are two very large loading zones that Mario can fall into in the overworld. Depending on which one Mario falls into, Mario will land in a different spot within the Deep Woods.

Loading zone location (overworld) Entrance location (Deep Woods)
Southern area of the kingdom, without music Bottom left (according to above map)
Northern area of the kingdom, with Steam Gardens music Top left (according to above map)


Within the Deep Woods, Steam Gardeners can be found that will provide Mario with a large seed. There are four seed pots these seeds can be planted in that serve as exits to the area.

Seed pot location (Deep Woods) Exit location (overworld)
Bottom left (according to above map) Next to a cluster of three regional coins just northwest of the Odyssey.
Bottom right (according to above map) Near the tree containing the Atop the Tall Tree moon.
Top left (according to above map) Next to Talkatoo by the pond.
Top right (according to above map)

Only appears after defeating Torkdrift

Near the Iron Road: Halfway Point Checkpoint Flag.


Nine Power Moons can be found in the Deep Woods.

# Name Class Prerequisite
28 Rolling Rock in the Deep Woods Standard None
29 Glowing in the Deep Woods Standard None
30 Past the Peculiar Pipes Standard None
31 By the Babbling Brook in Deep Woods Standard None
32 The Hard Rock in Deep Woods Standard None
33 A Treasure Made from Coins Standard None
34 Beneath the Roots of the Moving Tree Standard None
35 Deep Woods Treasure Trap Standard None
36 Exploring for Treasure Standard None