Super Mario Odyssey Speedrun Wiki

The Deep Woods is one of the strangest places in the game, and is commonly disliked among players. It can be accessed by jumping into the void in several different parts of the Wooded Kingdom. Though not commonly used in speedruns, there are a few categories that use it, namely 100%, All Moons, and others. There are 9 power moons scattered throughout the Deep Woods, and 3 sets of 3 Regional Coins, totaling to 9 Regional Coins. Below is a map drawn to fairly accurately depict the Deep Woods.

Map of the Deep Woods

Here is a list of all the power moons in the Deep Woods. The power moons are listed in the order of the Wooded Kingdom power moon list.

28: Rolling Rock in the Deep Woods

In the bottom center of the map, right next to the cliff edge, is a rock. This rock contains a power moon, so either hit it until it breaks or take it over to another rock so that it breaks immediately. You can also use the dinosaur to break the rock.

29: Glowing in the Deep Woods

For this power moon, go to the little pond on the left hand side of the map and throw Cappy onto the nearby scarecrow. Run over to where the power moon spawns and get it before time runs out.

30: Past the Peculiar Pipes

In the upper right are of the map, there is a pipe. This pipe leads to more pipes, and so on through a maze of pipes. The trick you can use for this moon is to stand still, as Mario will look towards the correct pipe if you do this.

31: By the Babbling Brook in the Deep Woods

Capture the Dinosaur on the path in the bottom middle of the map, and take it up to the upper left past the brook, where you will find some breakable rocks. Break them and you will find a glowing spot on the ground. Ground pound it and you will unearth a power moon. You can also use a Coin Coffer to break the blocks, but it is slower.

32: The Hard Rock in Deep Woods

Capture the Dinosaur again, but this time take it just to the right of the main tree on the map. Break the blocks and ground pound the glowing spot for the power moon. You can also use a Coin Coffer to break the blocks, but it is slower.

33: A Treasure Made of Coins

Right in the middle of the map is a Coin Coffer. Capture it and take it over to the pond, where there will be a small plant. Shoot coins at it until the moon spawns, then grab it with the dinosaur. Alternatively, a skilled jump can get you there. If you shake your controller, the Coin Coffer will spit coins in all directions. Use this to your advantage, as you can stand inside the plant, shake several times, then do something else while the plant continues to grow.

34: Beneath the Roots of a Moving Tree

At the bottom right of the map is a series of steps and a single tree at the top. Capture the tree and move it, then ground pound the glowing spot and collect the moon.

35: Deep Woods Treasure Trap

On the left side of the tree in the middle of the Dinosaur's path is a pipe. Enter it and you will find an area with three chests. Open them in the order middle, left, right, and the last one will award you with a power moon.

36: Exploring for Treasure

Don your explorer's outfit, then make your way up the brook to the top right of the map, where you can enter a room specifically for explorers. Inside is a chest containing a power moon.