Dino Skip is a speedrun strategy used to skip the intended route to Madame Broode in the Cascade Kingdom by abusing the height that the T-Rex capture gains while bouncing on the trampoline. Dino Skip is used in nearly all speedrun categories of the game, since it is significantly faster than most other methods to reach the top of the kingdom.

Although the trick is no longer used by top Any% runners due to the discovery of Dino Skip Skip, the original Dino Skip still saves a tremendous amount of time over the intended route to Madame Broode. Due to the extreme difficulty of Dino Skip Skip, all except the most skilled Any% runners (as well as runners of longer categories) still prefer to use the original Dino Skip.


To perform Dino Skip:

  • Capture the T-Rex on the raised platform;
  • Walk directly forward until the T-Rex falls off the platform;
  • Turn left and destroy the rock blocks covering the trampoline;
  • Step onto the trampoline while facing the Madame Broode arena;
  • After bouncing on the trampoline, continue to aim straight for the arena;
  • At the peak of the bounce, uncapture the T-Rex;
  • Throw Cappy and dive toward the platform.

If performed correctly, Mario should land within the trigger for the boss arena, initiating the fight. This trick is relatively lenient: even if it appears that Mario will bonk on the side of the platform, he will often still come into contact with the trigger zone.

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