Dino Skip Skip Tutorial by Tyron18

Dino Skip Skip Tutorial by Tyron18

Dino Skip Skip, often abbreviated as DSS, is a speedrun strategy used in the Cascade Kingdom that can save up to eight seconds in most major categories. The trick involves taking a shortcut to the upper level of the kingdom by climbing directly up the side of a rock wall near the start of the kingdom. This is achieved by landing on a very small piece of collision on the side of the wall that allows Mario to stand.

Speedrun usage Edit

Dino Skip Skip Comparison (Version 1.0

Dino Skip Skip Comparison (Version 1.0.0)

Updated Dino Skip Skip Comparison

Updated Dino Skip Skip Comparison

Dino Skip Skip Comparison (Version 1.3.0)

Any% Edit

In the case of Any%, Dino Skip Skip is used as an alternate method of climbing the kingdom to reach the Madame Broode arena. After the wall climb is performed, the player must perform Rib Jump to reach the highest level of the kingdom, allowing them to travel directly to the boss arena. As the name of the trick implies, this route variation completely eliminates Dino Skip from the route.

On game version 1.0.0, the skip is performed immediately upon entering the kingdom, and removes both First Moon Skip and Dino Skip from the route. In this case, the trick saves at least five seconds.

On game versions 1.0.1 and higher (including version 1.3.0, the fastest version and the one used for most Any% speedruns), the trick is performed just after collecting Our First Power Moon, and saves a total of nine seconds since it also bypasses the cutscene where Cappy explains how to use the Odyssey.

It is to be noted that performing the skip on version 1.0.0 means that the rock containing Our First Power Moon will be unbroken during the skip. This causes the camera to continually attempt to center itself on the rock, making it much more difficult to get a good camera angle for the trick.

Any% Minimum Captures Edit

Because Dino Skip Skip provides a direct path up to the Madame Broode arena without any captures, and Dino Skip is not available as an alternative due to its use of the T-Rex capture, Dino Skip Skip saves even more time in Any% Minimum Captures (namely, 12 and 13 captures). However, since the Chain Chomp is not used and the rock remains unbroken, the same camera issue takes place as in version 1.0.0 Any%.

On versions 1.0.1 and onward, the trick saves approximately 11 seconds.

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