The floating rock glitch is a well known and easy to perform glitch in the wooded kingdom that allows you to make a rock stay permanently suspended in the air. This glitch was discovered and popularised by Gamechamp3k. To perform the floating rock glitch, take any rock in the wooded kingdom and take it to a platform that falls when mario stands on it. Throw the rock on the platform and stand next to it on the platform. When the platform dissapears, pick up the rock. If you throw the rock again it will stay suspended in mid-air. When floating, the rock will interact with mario and the world around it


The floating rock glitch is not particularly useful and is not featured in any speedrun categories.

Here are some things to do with the glitch

  • If you throw the rock at an NPC, it will put them in a stun lock and create a sort of noise machine.
  • Throw a rock at the vine and sandwich mario inbetween the rock and the vine. Mario will infinitely kick the rock and stay in the air if he is not moved
  • If you run into a wall while holding the rock, you can do a triple jump whilst running into the rock. This means mario stays in the same place during the triple jump and violates the directional rule of triple jumps
  • If you throw the rock at a wall, position mario inbetween the rock and the wall, jump and throw cappy when mario collides with the wall then cappy will disappear. He will reappear when you throw him again.
  • If you throw the rock and an NPC and interact with it on the same game that the rock collides, the game will softlock.
  • If you throw the rock inbetween two of the style sisters, they can both be stun locked at the same time

Other than these things, it is just fun to mess around with.

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