Glydon Boost is a trick in Darker Side that allows Glydon to gain a large amount of vertical height using an updraft. Glydon Boosting is used to skip a large amount of the darker side challenge subarea and is used in multiple speedrun categories as it saves a massive amount of time over completing the challenge subarea normally.


To perform the Glydon Boost:

  • The player must work their way through the darker side challenge subarea until they find Glydon
  • The player must capture the Glydon and begin flying towards one of the multiple updrafts
  • The player must shake their controller whilst inside the updraft

If done properly, glydon should launch very far into the air. To skip part of the subarea:

  •  After peforming the Glydon Boost, the player must fly to the left of the magma island and towards the platform behind the Bowser painting
  • The player must continuosly shake their controller so Glydon doesn't lose very much height
  • The player must uncapture glydon and capture the electric pylon on the floor which is the pylon that takes the player to the large 'THANK YOU' when at the platform.
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