1.2+ Inverted Pyramid Clip

Super Mario Odyssey - Roll Cancel Clip -Roll Cancel Clipping

Super Mario Odyssey - Roll Cancel Clip -Roll Cancel Clipping

Inverted Pyramid Clip, often abbreviated as IP Clip, is one of the most notable roll cancel clips in Super Mario Odyssey. It allows Mario to enter the Inverted Pyramid early by clipping through the door, which does not open normally until Moon Shards in the Sand is collected.

Like many roll cancel clips, this trick is significantly easier on older versions of the game (1.1.0 and earlier). However, due to 1.3.0 being fastest for all main categories, including those that utilize Inverted Pyramid Clip, many runners are forced to learn the harder version.

Speedrun usage Edit

This clip is used in all categories where World Peace is achieved in the Sand Kingdom (with the exception of All Story Moons), as it saves upward of a few minutes depending on the category and the objectives that need to be completed.

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