The Lost Kingdom is the seventh kingdom in the game. Mario arrives in the Lost Kingdom after his battle with Bowser in the Cloud Kingdom where the Odyssey is wrecked. The Lost Kingdom features Klepto: a bird who, upon arrival in the Lost Kingdom, steals Cappy from Mario. Mario must defeat Klepto to reunite with Cappy.

Regional Exclusives Edit

Regional coins (purple coins) in Lost Kingdom are shaped like leaves. Checkpoint flags in Lost Kingdom have a golden spire. There are no inhabitants of Lost Kingdom (apart from the Toads who act as shopkeepers)

Moons Edit

There are 35 Power Moons in the Lost Kingdom. 25 are listed from the start, with an additional 10 becoming available after breaking the Moon Rock. There are no Story Moons or Multi Moons in Lost Kingdom.

# Name Class
1 Atop a Propeller Pillar Standard
2 Below the Cliff's Edge Standard
3 Inside the Stone Cage Standard
4 On a Tree in the Swamp Standard
5 Over the Fuzzies, Above the Swamp Standard
6 Avoiding Fuzzies Inside the Wall Standard
7 Inside the Rising Stone Pillar Standard
8 Enjoying the view of Forgotten Isle Standard
9 On the Mountain Road Standard
10 A Propeller Pillar's Secret Standard
11 Wrecked Rock Block Standard
12 A Butterfly's Treasure Standard
13 Caught Hopping in the Jungle! Standard
14 Cave Gardening Standard
15 Moon Shards in the Jungle Standard
16 Peeking out from Under the Bridge Standard
17 Twist'n'Turn-Up Treasure Standard
18 Soaring Over the Forgotten Isle Standard
19 The Caged Gold Standard
20 Get Some Rest, Captain Toad Standard
21 Shopping on Forgotten Isle Standard
22 Taxi Flying Through Forgotten Isle Standard
23 I met a Tropical Wiggler! Standard
24 Lost Kingdom Regular Cup Stackable
25 Peach in the Lost Kingdom Standard
26 The Shining Fruit Moon Rock
27 Jump Down to the Top of a Tree Moon Rock
28 Line It Up, Blow It Up Moon Rock
29 Taking Notes: Stretch and Sink Moon Rock
30 Lost Kingdom Master Cup Moon Rock
31 Lost Kingdom Timer Challenge Moon Rock
32 Stretch and Traverse the Jungle Moon Rock
33 Aglow in the Jungle Moon Rock
34 Chasing Klepto Moon Rock
35 Extremely Hot Bath Moon Rock
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