Meat Skip is a trick that allows the player to skip capturing the meat at the top of the Meat Plateau that is normally required to reach the giant stew pot atop the volcano. Instead, the player can abuse the physics of the Goomba capture to climb the side of the volcano and clip into the pot from the bottom.

Explanation Edit

It is possible for the player to climb the side of the volcano as a Goomba or stack of Goombas by repeatedly mashing the X or Y button; each press of the button resets the Goomba's run animation, preventing it from sliding down the volcano. However, this can only be done when the Goomba is already in its animation reset phase. This means that if the player stops mashing X or Y, the Goomba will switch from its animation reset phase back to its sliding state and begin to slide down the volcano, and pressing X or Y again will not recover the slide.

The Goomba will default to the sliding state whenever it lands on the side of the volcano, meaning the player cannot simply jump onto the volcano and immediately begin mashing X or Y. There are two ways to enter the animation reset phase from the sliding state in order to begin scaling the volcano:

  • Whenever the Goomba is captured, it will default to its animation reset phase for a brief period. This means that if the player uncaptures and recaptures the Goomba, they can begin mashing X or Y after the capture in order to scale the volcano. Video of Recapture Method
  • If the Goomba passes over a convex edge of the volcano, it will experience an "edge cancel", which cancels its sliding and causes it to briefly assume the animation reset phase. If the player mashes X or Y while the Goomba passes over a convex edge (the joystick must be neutral), the Goomba will return to chaining animation cancels and allow the player to climb the volcano. Video of Edge Cancel Method

Execution Edit

To successfully climb the volcano and clip into the pot to complete Meat Skip:

  • Before attempting the trick, one must acquire a Life-Up Heart, which is needed later in order to fully clip through the stew pot. One can be obtained relatively easily in the slots room in Peronza Plaza.
  • Assemble a stack of two Goombas. (Although the volcano can be climbed with a single Goomba, the clip into the pot will only work properly with a stack of two.) Two Goombas can be found near the Atop the Jutting Crag moon.
  • Bring the Goombas over to the top of the wall that divides the Cheese Rocks area and Peronza Plaza. (To use the Goombas near Atop the Jutting Crag, the player must ensure there is a clear path up to this wall by clearing some of the Cheese Rocks using the Hammer Bros to form a staircase.)
  • Perform two jumps as the Goombas in a row near the edge of the wall nearest the volcano, in order to launch the Goomba stack onto the side of it. For best results, the second jump should be a motion-controlled shake jump.
  • Perform either the recapture or edge cancel method as described above to enter the animation reset phase, then continue to mash X or Y to climb up the volcano.
  • At the top, continue to walk directly into the pot as the stack of Goombas. If done correctly, Mario will be forced out of the capture and will clip into the lava at the bottom of the pot. (There is no exact spot known to be truly consistent, so this part may take multiple attempts.)
  • As Mario continues to rise due to taking damage, try to guide him so that he lands on top of one of the floating bits of food inside the pot. In order to prevent Mario from running straight off the platform back into the lava, one can either mash A/B and X/Y simultaneously, or simply let go of the joystick as Mario lands. Collect the Multi Moon to complete Meat Skip.

Use with Bruncheon Edit

See also: Bruncheon Edit
Bruncheon & Meat Skip Explanation by BeardBear

Bruncheon & Meat Skip Explanation by BeardBear

Normally, the Multi Moon inside the stew pot only exists after the player completes the Under the Cheese Rocks story objective. However, if the player accesses the Luncheon Kingdom early using the Bruncheon trick, this Multi Moon can be collected before completing any of the story objectives.

This has implications for World Peace Minimum Captures, since Meat Skip can be performed with only one capture using the edge cancel method, and in the early state of the kingdom, there is no prerequisite of collecting the Under the Cheese Rocks moon (and thus capturing a Hammer Bro) to make the Multi Moon appear. In essence, using Bruncheon along with Meat Skip eliminates the Hammer Bro and meat captures, replacing them with a singular Goomba capture, therefore saving a capture overall.

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