Mechawiggler Escape Showcase by BeardBear

Mechawiggler Escape Showcase by BeardBear

Mechawiggler Escape is a glitch that allows Mario to escape from the Mechawiggler arena in the Metro Kingdom while the battle is ongoing. The arena is exited by hopping onto a scooter that is inside one of the walls bordering the arena, which must be strategically placed before the battle begins.

Execution Edit

To begin with, a scooter must be placed in the location where one of the arena walls will later spawn. Since there is normally no way to reach the top of the skyscraper to activate the boss fight without the scooter despawning (the scooter despawns after a certain amount of time or when a loading zone is entered), one must use two-player mode to prepare a capture warp by leaving Cappy near a spark pylon at the top of the building. This way, Cappy can simply touch the spark pylon once Mario is finished placing the scooter, causing Mario to be warped to the top.

It is to be noted that Cappy must be within view of the camera in order for the capture to be successful.

Once the boss fight is initiated, all one must do is mount the scooter, which should be halfway inside the wall. This will allow the player to drive forward through the wall and explore the rest of the kingdom.

Behavior Edit

Some strange occurrences take place around the kingdom while the fight is ongoing, since it was never intended for players to be able to explore the majority of the kingdom during the battle. Some of these anomalies are listed below:

  • Some buildings are invisible but still have collision, so Mario can still interact with and walk on them. This includes the large divider walls that block off certain sections of the kingdom during its night phase.
  • Some buildings are visually intact but are missing parts of their collision, meaning it is possible for Mario to get inside of them in certain spots.
  • There are some strange invisible objects in place that do not normally exist in the Metro Kingdom; namely, near the entrance to the City Hall interior.
  • The loading zone to the City Hall interior is blocked off, but it can still be accessed via a gap in the collision on the backside of the building.
  • The loading zone for the shop entrance remains active and can be accessed normally, despite the building being invisible.
  • The walls to the Mechawiggler arena are transparent on the outside, meaning one can see into the arena while standing adjacent to it.
  • Various Power Moons throughout the kingdom are still present, including Swaying in the Breeze and Inside an Iron Girder.

Entering any loading zone will cancel the glitch and revert the kingdom back to its regular night state.

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