Minimum A/B Presses, also known as Minimum A/BBC, is one of Super Mario Odyssey's low% categories. In this category, the player must try to beat the game while pressing the A and B buttons as little as possible. So far, only Any% has been routed, but an All Unique Moons route is in progress.

Minimizing cap throws Edit

Since optimizing A and B presses is a minimal challenge in many places in the game, most players who route this category also choose to minimize the number of times Cappy is thrown. (It should be noted that the cap throw count listed in Archivist Toadette's counters may not be accurate, since it does not register cap throws within point-blank range of a capture or other target.)

In this variant of the category, saving A/B presses takes priority over saving cap throws, although both are kept as low as possible. In other words, it would be favorable to add 100 extra cap throws to save one A/B press, but not the other way around. The most common notation for press counts is as follows: __xA/B __xC, where C represents cap throws. Since the creation of the spreadsheet on September 23, 2018, the Any% counts have been lowered from 199xA/B 210xC down to 195xA/B 237xC, as of February 2, 2020.

Routes Edit

Although an Any% route has been put together by the Low% community, nobody has successfully completed a run. Community members such as EverythingABC, tetraxile and Icay have put together videos showcasing how certain moons are gotten, or how certain kingdoms are beaten.

In the ongoing All Unique Moons route, only 879 moons are gotten out of the total 880. "Fly, Cappy, Fly" was omitted from the count, as it requires throwing Cappy 5,000 times, and it is not yet known whether the total count for the route will exceed or even come near this number.

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