Minimum Captures is the most widely known low% category in Super Mario Odyssey. It involves completing objectives while capturing the lowest number of objects or enemies. Since it is much more difficult to accidentally capture something than it is to accidentally perform other low% actions (such as jumping), Minimum Captures is the most popular low% category among speedrunners.

Categories Edit

The most widely known Minimum Captures category is Any% Minimum Captures, mainly due to well-known streamer Smallant1, who is known for speedrunning its different subcategories. However, Minimum Captures routes also exist for other categories. The table below lists the minimum number of captures for various subcategories. More information about the various skips used in each category can be found on the respective pages for the categories.

Category 2P, any version 2P, latest patch 1P, any version 1P, latest patch
Any% Minimum Captures 3 Captures 4 Captures 12 Captures 13 Captures
World Peace Minimum Captures 14 Captures 16 Captures 22 Captures 24 Captures
Darker Side Minimum Captures 5 Captures 6 Captures 13 Captures 16 Captures
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