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Minimum Captures Darker Side is a subcategory of Minimum Captures that involves completing the Darker Side category while capturing as few objects or enemies as possible. This entails reaching the Darker Side kingdom without purchasing more than one Power Moon from any shop, which is forbidden by the rules of the Darker Side category.


The format of a Minimum Captures Darker Side run is to complete Minimum Captures Any% and collect as many moons as possible without capturing any additional objects. Depending on the rule set, it may be possible to obtain over 500 moons and thus reach Darker Side without any additional captures; however, in some two-player runs, this is not possible. This is because two-player Minimum Captures Any% runs utilize Morning Metro to reach the Metro Kingdom early in a state where there are not nearly as many moons available.

Two-player runs on versions 1.0.1 or higher cannot visit Bruncheon without any captures, meaning captureless Meat Skip cannot be performed for extra moons. This makes completing a two-player Darker Side run impossible on these versions without an extra capture.

Note that it is not actually necessary in any case to capture an additional object to reach Darker Side, since after beating the game, the player can purchase extra Power Moons from each Crazy Cap shop and acquire as many as needed. However, since this is against the rules of the Darker Side category, a valid Minimum Captures Darker Side run must collect 500 unique Power Moons prior to traveling to Darker Side. Otherwise, the run would be considered a Darker Side Dupes run rather than a Darker Side run.

2P, version 1.0.0 2P, version 1.0.1-1.1.0 2P, version 1.2.0-1.3.0 1P, version 1.0.0-1.1.0 1P, version 1.2.0-1.3.0
Capture Count 4 5 6 13 16
Madame Broode Skip
Morning Metro
Bowser's Kingdom wire skips
Pokio Skip
Nut jumping
500 moons without extra captures
Darker Side dungeon skip Frog Airswim or Cappy return cancel[1] Frog Airswim or Cappy return cancel[1] Cappy return cancel[1] Frog Airswim
Yoshi Skip
Glydon Upflight