Morning Metro (also sometimes called Sherm Skip due to its ability to skip the Sherm capture) is a trick that allows the player to access the mainland of the Metro Kingdom from the Warp Painting platform before it is reached normally. This is done by using a Cappy return cancel to activate a Checkpoint Flag on the mainland.

Although the Odyssey is unloaded in the early state of the kingdom, meaning it is impossible to skip kingdoms by means of a sequence break, the trick is useful for Minimum Captures runs since it allows 20 moons to be collected in the kingdom without capturing the Sherm that is normally required to defeat Mechawiggler. Upon arriving in the kingdom via the Odyssey later in the run, the player can simply deposit the 20 moons that were collected earlier.

Behavior Edit

There are some differences between Morning Metro and standard daytime Metro Kingdom. Some of these seem to be because the kingdom was never intended to be accessed early, while others may have to do with certain elements of the kingdom being visible to a casual player from the Warp Painting island. Some of these differences include:

  • The Odyssey is missing, meaning that the player cannot break the regular kingdom progression order.
  • Upon collecting the Story Moons from all four musicians, the manhole cover that ordinarily must be captured to enter the sewer, as well as the two New Donkers that normally stand near it, will be missing. However, there will be no loading zone at the bottom, meaning the sewer cannot be entered and the story cannot be completed.
  • The scrap piece from the Mechawiggler that is normally located at the Mayor Pauline Commemorative Park is missing, and as such, its associated moon cannot be collected. This is likely because its presence or absence is visible from the Warp Painting island, and its existence would violate story continuity.
  • The Taxi capture is missing, as well as the associated loading zone. This means that the Under Siege room cannot be accessed, even using other captures.
  • The Mini Rocket is missing from the island in the northwestern area of the kingdom, meaning that the related bonus level cannot be accessed.
  • Entering the pipe at the end of the Crowded Room places Mario back on the platform where the Odyssey would otherwise be, instead of on the island that normally houses the Mini Rocket.
  • Within any sub-worlds (with the exception of the New Donk City Hall Auditorium, due to the fact that it is in the same scene as the main area), the kingdom will behave as if it is nighttime. This has the following implications:
    • Within the New Donk City Hall Interior, the background and music from the nighttime version of the kingdom will be present.
    • Within the shop, the New Donkers will behave as if it is nighttime, the music will be disabled, and rain sound effects will be present.
    • Within any sub-world except the auditorium, all Checkpoint Flags that do not exist in nighttime Metro Kingdom will be disabled and cannot be warped to from within the sub-world.
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