Super Mario Odyssey Speedrun Wiki

Power Moons are the main collectible in the game. To progress from Kingdom to Kingdom, the player must collect power moons as they act as fuel for the Odyssey. Some power moons, called Multi Moons, are worth the same as three power moons. Others, called Story Moons, are required to progress each kingdom's story. The exact number of power moons to progress is different in every Kingdom. In total, the player needs a minimum of 124 power moons to beat the game. The maximum number of power moons is 999, but there are only 880 unique power moons, i.e., power moons that are not duplicates obtained through purchase.


A Table to Show the Number of Power Moons Needed to Beat each Kingdom and Number of Power Moons Available in each Kingdom
Kingdom Power Moons Required Power Moons Available
Cap 0 31
Cascade 5 42
Sand 16 93
Lake 8 44
Wooded 16 80
Cloud 0 9
Lost 10 35
Metro 20 85
Snow 10 57
Seaside 10 73
Luncheon 18 72
Ruined 3 (Multi Moon) 12
Bowser's 8 64
Moon 0 38
Mushroom N/A 116
Dark Side N/A 26
Darker Side N/A 3