Purse climbing is a trick that can be used to scale walls indefinitely in the Metro Kingdom using the purse item that is part of the A Request from the Mayor mission. Similarly to Pauline hat jumping, it involves repeatedly throwing and catching the purse, but it must be done against a wall since the purse falls much faster than the sun hat.

Video of purse climbing

Execution Edit

In a very similar manner to Pauline hat jumping, purse climbing is extremely difficult to repeat many times due to its very precise inputs.

  • Position Mario in a spot facing a wall while holding the purse. In order for the trick to be successful, Mario must be a certain distance away from the wall. (Like Pauline hat jumping, the joystick should not be touched in subsequent iterations unless the player is very skilled and has a specific reason to.)
  • Jump or ground pound jump to initiate the sequence.
  • At the peak of the jump, throw the purse into the wall by pressing X or Y.
  • Perform a ground pound in midair by pressing ZL or ZR. While Mario is ground pounding, the purse will bounce off the wall and end up directly underneath Mario, if the player positioned themselves the correct distance away from the wall.
  • At the exact moment that the purse lands underneath Mario, press X or Y to grab the purse. If done correctly, Mario will grab the purse while also gaining height from bouncing on it. (Just like Pauline hat jumping, this is the most precise input of the trick and is estimated to have a window of roughly two frames.)
  • Repeat this sequence of throwing the purse at the peak of the bounce, ground pounding and grabbing the purse until Mario reaches the top of the wall.
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