Super Mario Odyssey - Seaside Boss - Speedrun Tutorial

Super Mario Odyssey - Seaside Boss - Speedrun Tutorial

This clip, found and made consistent by Karlyr, allows the Seaside boss (Brigadier Mollusque-Lanceur III, Dauphin of Bubblaine) of shortcutting his usual pathing by going through the hot spring section of the map. This glitch can save around 10s

Reproduction steps Edit

In order for this glitch to work you need to confuse the AI by hitting the boss between his pathing invicibility frames and his laugh invicibility frames. To ensure getting the trick :

  • Get to the hot springs before the boss
  • Wait for him to get at his resting spot
  • Spray him

In some occasions, the boss won't move out of the way while you spray him. If that happens, the boss would skip his next resting point going all the way back to the lighthouse. Letting his damage animation finish and then finishing the phase would fix this.

Uses in runs Edit

This glitch is useful in all categories that requires you to fight the Seaside Boss.

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