Seaside Kingdom is the eight/ninth kingdom in the game (depending on what you chose during cappy dialogue). There are 71 moons in seaside kingdom, as follows:

  1. The Stone Pillar Seal
  2. The Lighthouse Seal
  3. The Hot Spring Seal
  4. The Seal Above the Canyon
  5. The Glass Is Half Full!
  6. On the Cliff Overlooking the Beach
  7. Ride the Jetstream
  8. Ocean-Bottom Maze: Treasure
  9. Ocean-Bottom Maze: Hidden Room
  10. Underwater Highway Tunnel
  11. Shh! It’s a Shortcut!
  12. Gap in the Ocean Trench
  13. Slip Through the Nesting Spot
  14. Merci, Dorrie!
  15. Bonjour, Dorrie!
  16. Under a Dangerous Ceiling
  17. What the Waves Left Behind
  18. The Back Canyon: Excavate!
  19. Bubblaine Northern Reaches
  20. Wriggling on the Sandy Bottom
  21. Glass Palace Treasure Chest
  22. Treasure Trap Hidden in the Inlet
  23. Sea Gardening: Inlet Seed
  24. Sea Gardening Canyon Seed
  25. Sea Gardening: Hot-Spring Seed
  26. Sea Gardening: Ocean Trench Seed
  27. Seaside Kingdom Timer Challenge 1
  28. Seaside Kingdom Timer Challenge 2
  29. Found on the Beach! Good Dog!
  30. Moon Shards in the Sea
  31. Taking Notes: Ocean Surface Dash
  32. Love by the Seaside
  33. Lighthouse Leaper
  34. Good Job, Captain Toad!
  35. Ocean Quiz: Good!
  36. Shopping in Bubblaine
  37. Beach Volleyball: Champ
  38. Beach Volleyball: Hero of the Beach!
  39. Looking Back in the Dark Waterway
  40. The Sphynx’s Underwater Vault
  41. A Rumble on the Seaside Floor
  42. A Relaxing Dance
  43. Wading in the Cloud Sea
  44. Sunken Treasure in the Cloud Sea
  45. Fly Through the Narrow Valley
  46. Treasure Chest in the Narrow Valley
  47. Hurry and Stretch
  48. Stretch on the Side Path
  49. Secret Path to Bubblaine
  50. Found with Seaside Kingdom Art
  51. Seaside Kingdom Regular Cup
  52. Peach in the Seaside Kingdom
  53. Above the Parasol: Catch!
  54. What Shines Inside the Glass
  55. A Fine Detail on the Glass
  56. Underwater Highway West: Explore!
  57. Underwater Highway East: Explore!
  58. Rapid Ascent on Hot Spring Island
  59. A Light Next to the Lighthouse
  60. The Tall Rock Shell in the Deep Ocean
  61. At the Base of the Lighthouse
  62. Bird Traveling Over the Ocean
  63. Caught Hopping at Glass Palace!
  64. Seaside Kingdom Timer Challenge 3
  65. Taking Notes: Ocean-Bottom Maze
  66. Taking Notes in the Sea
  67. Seaside Kingdom Master Cup
  68. Aim! Poke!
  69. Poke! Roll!
  70. The Spinning Maze: Search!
  71. The Spinning Maze: Open!
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