Moon Clip

Moon Clip

Please visit Moon Clip for more explanation on that method of clipping.

Reproduction Steps Edit

The steps are sensibly the same as any other Moon Clips.

  • Ground pound to make the moon available
  • Hold Z until Mario crouches
  • Backflip
  • Time a cap throw towards the wall properly

Usage in runs Edit

Any% Edit

This clip is used to skip a wrap around pathing. While this is far from being a must do it still offers a decent time save.

World Peace (and categories that achieves world peace) Edit

Since you need to do Bound Bowl to achieve peace in this kingdom, skipping opening the gates is a decent time save. In case you fail the clip you can always do Upstairs or Downstairs Snow Clip, but the Moon Clip is by far the fastest way to get to Bound Bowl since this moon is already really fast.

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