Star% is a short category on the Category Extensions boards for Super Mario Odyssey. The category involves reaching the Mushroom Kingdom as fast as possible and collecting a Star.


120px-Topper Artwork SMO

Mushroom Kingdom Painting



The route for Star% is the same as Any% up through the Sand Kingdom. However, at the end of Sand Kingdom, Wooded Kingdom must be selected first so that the painting in the Lake Kingdom leads to the Luncheon Kingdom.

If the game is being played on version 1.0.0, one can execute the Bruncheon trickjump, allowing Mario to access the mainland early. The player must then make their way over to another painting on the opposite end of the kingdom, which in turn leads to a floating island in the Mushroom Kingdom where a Star can be collected. 

If the category were to be played on a later version of the game, one would be forced to make their way through the game up to the Luncheon Kingdom by regular means. 

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