The Talkatoo glitch is a glitch that occurs when Cappy collides with Talkatoo the frame after a conversation with him ends. This glitch can cause many different strange effects, such as locking the camera or causing Mario to float.

Explanation Edit

If the setup was performed correctly, the frame after the conversation with Talkatoo ends, Cappy will collide with him. After Talkatoo's hit stun animation finishes, two things will occur provided that Talkatoo is still on screen: Mario will attempt to enter his conversation animation, and the camera will assume the position that it normally does during a conversation with Talkatoo. However, Mario will not actually enter conversation.

This allows Mario to roam freely with the camera locked in position and focused on Talkatoo. Mario can also exhibit strange behavior if the player performs certain actions at the moment that Mario attempts to enter his conversation animation. Examples of this include the following:

  • If Mario attempts to throw Cappy at this moment, he will enter a state in which he falls slower than normal.
  • If Mario ground pounds at this moment, he will stall in midair indefinitely. (This can be used to gain an unlimited high score in the jump rope minigame.)
  • If Mario pulls himself up onto a ledge, Mario will be unable to move at all, resulting in a softlock[1].

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