Super Mario Odyssey - Turnip Clip - Advanced Strategy Tutorial

Super Mario Odyssey - Turnip Clip - Advanced Strategy Tutorial

Turnip Clip is a glitch that allows the player to obtain the Under the Cheese Rocks story moon in the Luncheon Kingdom without pulling the lever to break the glass cage surrounding it. This is done by using a turnip to help clip into the cage as a Hammer Bro, and it can only be performed on game versions 1.1.0 and prior.

This glitch was previously used in multiple speedrun categories, including Any%. However, with the introduction of version 1.3.0 (which is now the fastest version for most categories), Turnip Clip is no longer applicable in most speedruns.

Execution Edit

To perform Turnip Clip:

  • Retrieve a turnip (most commonly from the top of the nearby cliff) and bring it to the glass cage surrounding the story moon.
  • Place the turnip in front of the left half of one of the four cage walls, with a slight gap in between. The easiest way to position this correctly is to stand directly against the cage while facing it, and press B and Y simultaneously.
  • Capture a nearby Hammer Bro and position it directly on top of the turnip, as close to the cage as possible (the Hammer Bro may bounce on the turnip as it is being positioned).
  • Face the Hammer Bro away from the cage and uncapture it, dropping it into the gap between the cage and the turnip.
  • Quickly recapture the Hammer Bro before the turnip pushes it to the side. This will cause the Hammer Bro to clip into the cage, allowing Mario to collect the moon.

Video of Turnip Clip

Speedrun usage Edit

Turnip Clip was used in runs before version 1.3.0 debuted. Version 1.3.0 reduced load times drastically, outweighing the time saved by Turnip Clip and other version-exclusive tricks, meaning Turnip Clip is no longer useful in most speedruns.

Any% Edit

Turnip Clip was very useful in Any% since it completely removed the need to make a round trip to the switch to break the cage. Fetching a turnip took little extra time since it was already directly next to the previous moon in the route, Atop the Jutting Crag. The glitch saved around eight seconds in this category.

World Peace Edit

In the case of World Peace, things are a bit different. The glitch only saved around two seconds in this case, while also resulting in a minor reroute of the Luncheon Kingdom. Since Atop the Jutting Crag was not collected like in Any%, the player was required to bring a turnip from Peronza Plaza, which slowed down Mario's movement through that section.

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