Warp Paintings are portals found in various kingdoms that resemble paintings, allowing Mario to travel directly from one kingdom to another if he chooses to enter. Unlike the Odyssey, Warp Paintings as a method of travel allow Mario to access certain areas that are not intended to be reached from the main area of the kingdom (although many of them can be accessed in alternate ways). Each Warp Painting leads to a platform that houses a single Power Moon and a Checkpoint Flag.

Locations Edit

The list below documents where Warp Paintings appear and where they lead to. The destinations of the paintings vary depending on which kingdoms are visited first at the two forks.

Source Kingdom Destination Kingdom
Cascade Kingdom Bowser's Kingdom
Sand Kingdom Metro Kingdom
Lake Kingdom/Wooded Kingdom

(whichever was visited first)

Sand Kingdom
Wooded Kingdom/Lake Kingdom

(whichever was visited second)

Luncheon Kingdom
Metro Kingdom Wooded Kingdom/Lake Kingdom

(whichever was visited second)

Snow Kingdom/Seaside Kingdom

(whichever was visited first)

Cascade Kingdom
Seaside Kingdom/Snow Kingdom

(whichever was visited second)

Lake Kingdom/Wooded Kingdom

(whichever was visited first)

Luncheon Kingdom Mushroom Kingdom
Bowser's Kingdom Seaside Kingdom/Snow Kingdom

(whichever was visited second)

Mushroom Kingdom Snow Kingdom/Seaside Kingdom

(whichever was visited first)

It is worth noting that no matter what order the kingdoms are visited in at the forks, the ten paintings will always form one continuous cycle.

Skips Edit

Various methods can be used to reach the painting platform in each kingdom without the use of the painting. The table below lists the tricks required to reach each platform:

Kingdom Trick Required
Cascade Kingdom Madame Broode Skip jump or Cappy return cancel[1]
Sand Kingdom Glydon Upflight or dog hovering
Lake Kingdom Trickjump from the Rango arena (easier from the Timer Challenge platform)
Wooded Kingdom Glydon corner clip or Cappy clip[2]
Metro Kingdom Letter Escape, Pauline hat jumping or dog hovering
Snow Kingdom Snow Dram, nut jumping or activating the checkpoint with two-player mode
Seaside Kingdom Flying with a Gushen from the top of another platform in the kingdom
Luncheon Kingdom Cappy return cancel[3]
Bowser's Kingdom Cappy return cancel[4] or nut jumping
Mushroom Kingdom Cappy return cancel[5], Nut jumping or dog hovering

Although it is theorized that it is possible to reach most of the painting platforms with the use of a Cappy return cancel (with the exception of the enclosed one in the Wooded Kingdom, and those with checkpoints that unload such as those in Sand Kingdom and Metro Kingdom), only those that have been proven are listed in the above table.

Behavior Edit

Most source paintings will only become active once their destination kingdom is unlocked (and in some cases, other criteria must be met as well). The exceptions to this are the paintings to the Metro Kingdom, Luncheon Kingdom and Mushroom Kingdom, which can be entered before the corresponding kingdom is unlocked to give an early view of the kingdom. These three paintings are distinct because the painting platforms are far enough away from the mainland of the kingdom that it is not intended for the player to be able to reach the mainland from them. However, on game version 1.0.0, the Luncheon Kingdom's mainland can be accessed early using a trick called Bruncheon.

Entering a Warp Painting will preserve kingdom-persistent changes in the previous kingdom until either a Warp Painting is entered to reach a third kingdom, or the Odyssey is used to travel elsewhere.

Warp Paintings have somewhat different behavior on version 1.0.0 when compared to all other versions of the game. There are two main differences with the mechanics of paintings:

  • On version 1.0.0, paintings will become active as soon as the player reaches the kingdom on the other side, regardless of whether the painting on the other side is actually open. This results in a one-way painting portal, and emerging from the gray painting will cause the camera to become locked.
  • On version 1.0.0, attempting to enter the warp painting from Sand Kingdom to Metro Kingdom while Metro Kingdom is in its night phase will result in Mario being placed near the Odyssey instead of emerging from the painting; additionally, the checkpoint on the painting platform is completely inactive at night, even if it was activated earlier. On later game versions, Mario will simply emerge from the painting during the night phase, and the checkpoint remains active at night.

References Edit

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