The Wooded Kingdom is one of the two kingdoms that becomes available after completing the Sand Kingdom. The player is given the choice between traveling to the Lake Kingdom or the Wooded Kingdom first, making the Wooded Kingdom either the fourth or fifth kingdom in the game, depending on which is selected first.

Regional Exclusives Edit

Regional coins (purple coins) in Wooded Kingdom are shaped like cogs. Checkpoints in Wooded Kingdom have blue coloured spires. Inhabitants of the Wooded Kingdom are called Steam Gardeners

Moons Edit

There are 76 Power Moons in the Wooded Kingdom. 54 are listed from the start, with an additional 22 becoming available after breaking the Moon Rock. There are 4 Story Moons in Wooded Kingdom, 2 of which are Multi Moons

# Name Class
1 Road to Sky Garden Story Moon
2 Flower Thieves of Sky Garden Multi Moon
3 Path to the Secret Flower Field Story Moon
4 Defend the Secret Flower Field! Multi Moon
5 Behind the Rock Wall Standard
6 Back Way Up the Mountain Standard
7 Rolling Rock in the Woods Standard
8 Caught Hopping in the Forest! Standard
9 Thanks for the Charge! Standard
10 Atop the Tall Tree Standard
11 Tucked Away Inside the Tunnel Standard
12 Over the Cliff's Edge Standard
13 The Nut 'Round the Corner Standard
14 Climb the Cliff to Get the Nut Standard
15 The Nut in the Red Maze Standard
16 The Nut at the Dead End Standard
17 Cracked Nut on a Crumbling Tower Standard
18 The Nut that Grew on the Tall Fence Standard
19 Fire in the Cave Standard
20 Hey Out There, Captain Toad! Standard
21 Love in the Forest Ruins Standard
22 Inside a Rock in the Forest Standard
23 Shopping in Steam Gardens Stackable
24 Nut Planted in the Tower Standard
25 Stretching Your Legs Standard
26 Spinning-Platforms Treasure Standard
27 Make the Secret Flower Field Bloom Standard
28 Rolling Rock in the Deep Woods Standard
29 Glowing in the Deep Woods Standard
30 Past the Peculiar Pipes Standard
31 By the Babbling Brook in Deep Woods Standard
32 The Hard Rock in Deep Woods Standard
33 A Treasure Made from Coins Standard
34 Beneath the Roots of the Moving Tree Standard
35 Deep Woods Treasure Trap Standard
36 Exploring for Treasure Standard
37 Wooded Kingdom Timer Challenge 1 Standard
38 Wooded Kingdom Timer Challenge 2 Standard
39 Flooding Pipeway Standard
40 Flooding Pipeway Ceiling Secret Standard
41 Wandering in the Fog Standard
42 Nut Hidden in the Fog Standard
43 Flower Road Run Standard
44 Flower Road Reach Standard
45 Elevator Escalation Standard
46 Elevator Blind Spot Standard
47 Walking on Clouds Standard
48 Above the Clouds Standard
49 Secret Path to the Steam Gardens! Standard
50 Found with Wooded Kingdom Art Standard
51 Swing Around Secret Flower Field Standard
52 Jammin' in the Wooded Kingdom Standard
53 Wooded Kingdom Regular Cup Standard
54 Peach in the Wooded Kingdom Standard
55 High Up in the Cave Moon Rock
56 Lost in the Tall Trees Moon Rock
57 Looking Down on the Goombas Moon Rock
58 High Up on a Rock Wall Moon Rock
59 The Nut in the Robot Storeroom Moon Rock
60 Above the Iron Mountain Path Moon Rock
61 The Nut Under the Observation Deck Moon Rock
62 Bird Traveling the Forest Moon Rock
63 Invader in the Sky Garden Moon Rock
64 Hot, Hot, Hot from the Campfire Moon Rock
65 Wooded Kingdom Timer Challenge 3 Moon Rock
66 Moon Shards in the Forest Moon Rock
67 Taking Notes: On Top of the Wall Moon Rock
68 Taking Notes: Stretching Moon Rock
69 Wooded Kingdom Master Cup Moon Rock
70 I Met an Uproot! Moon Rock
71 Invisible Road: Danger! Moon Rock
72 Invisible Road: Hidden Room Moon Rock
73 Herding Sheep Above the Forest Fog Moon Rock
74 Herding Sheep on the Iron Bridge Moon Rock
75 Down and Back Breakdown Road Moon Rock
76 Below Breakdown Road Moon Rock
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